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The Sport of Fishing

Building A Community

The sport of fishing has become a lifestyle for the team at Fins For Freedom. Through our events, our promise is to share the joy and passion sport fishing brings with those who deserve it most. The servicemen and women of our country protect our freedom, liberty, and lives, sometimes at great cost to their own. Fins For Freedom sees our events as a way to repay heroes who deserve more than we could ever offer. Our goal is to introduce veterans and active-duty personnel to the release and adventure that sport fishing can offer.

Fins For Freedom is more than a day's event, F4F brings captains, servicemen and women together to forge lifelong relationships based around the outdoors. We strive to show our military heroes that the sport of fishing is an outlet that can be life changing.  These fishing events create bonds and a lasting sense of camaraderie through a positive outlet.

Fins For Freedom will take place on May 18, 2024.
Fishing and the day's events will be held at Atlantic Highlands Municipal Marina,
2 Simon Lake Drive Atlantic Highlands, NJ 07716.


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